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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Scary?
Yes, Night Terrors is designed to scare adults.

How Scary is it?
According to our customers "VERY SCARY"!

What time do you close?
The last ticket is sold at 11:00 PM most nights

Is it wheelchair accessible?
Most of the attractions are wheelchair accessible.

How old do you have to be?
We do not encourage children under 10 years old.

Will the monsters touch you?
Our monsters are instructed not to touch you, but they get REALLY close!

How much does it cost?
See the admission page.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept MasterCard and visa. We also have an ATM.

General Rules

  1. Children 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. High heels are not recommended. Bare feet are not allowed.
  3. No items deemed dangerous by Wiard’s staff will be allowed on the property.
  4. Pets are not allowed on the grounds.
  5. No photography or video recording is allowed when experiencing our attractions. Please feel free to take photos outside of the attractions.
  6. We are not able to look for any lost cell phones, pagers, keys, etc. during operational hours. Lost items can be retrieved the next open day (please see for our Country Store schedule).
  7. Due to our high intensity scares, we STRONGLY DISCOURAGE pregnant women, people with heart conditions, and people with asthma (we use fog machines) from entering Night Terrors.