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Alien Caged Clowns In 3D!

Alien Caged Clowns In 3D!

  • Do you have a fear of clowns?  Ours will stalk you as you navigate their 3D maze!
  • Each guest receives one pair of 3d glasses but they are not mandatory to enjoy the event
  • This attraction can only be purchased with any of our multi-event tickets (not single Hayride Of The Lost tickets)
  • Warning: This attraction features fog and strobe lights
  • This event is not wheelchair accessible

As the story goes,

A century ago, a circus came through town. The sideshow had the usual attractions, including a bearded lady, conjoined twins and a strong man, plus a tent advertising “Alien Clowns.” Mr. Wiard was intrigued. Illuminated by lamplight, he saw creatures that looked not quite human. On closer inspection, their mangled features were crudely painted with clown makeup.

Mr. Wiard found the circus owner, who told him that the alien clowns were discovered in a South American cave and that the sideshow was having trouble keeping them fed. “Cattle, goats, cats… if it bleeds they’ll eat it, but it’s hard to find food for them on the road. If you were interested I could be easily persuaded to hand them over to you. I wouldn’t mind getting them off my hands.”

Mr. Wiard accepted the offer, figuring they would be an interesting oddity to bring travelers to the orchard, while also reducing the local rodent population. Soon locals and travelers alike came to marvel at the terrifying beasts.

On a dare, one of the orchard employees jumped into their enclosure. The largest of the “aliens” sniffed him head to toe before sinking a claw straight through his chest. After the pack descended, all that was left was bloody fabric and bone. Mr. Wiard permanently closed the exhibit. But he believed the creatures were too rare to destroy, and they have lived, in secret, on the property ever since. Some brave thrill-seekers have snuck in — and never come out.

Are you curious about this hidden exhibit, too?

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