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The MindShaft

The MindShaft

As the story goes,

In the gold rush years, Mr. Wiard’s cousin thought California was a long haul and paid Mr. Wiard for land rights to search for precious metals on orchard property. He was a stingy man who did everything as cheaply as possible, even when it came to safety. One night, a bad storm ripped through the area, causing flash flooding. The water roared through the mineshaft, knocking out all the poorly-built supports. There was no time to warn anyone, and all that floated up were a few of the miners’ caps.

After the waters finally receded, the stench was overpowering. Water-logged corpses littered the mineshaft, but the prospector was determined to get his precious metals out. He ventured in with a small crew but never found his fortunes. Halfway down the ceiling caved and crushed half the crew while trapping the rest. They were far enough down that nobody heard their cries until it was too late.

So, what about you? Going to try and find the lost fortunes?

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